Welcome to the Inspira Bloggers Network, we are a community of bloggers creating and sharing content that inspires, informs and entertains women across the UK and beyond. From foodies to fashionistas, entrepreneurs and adventurers, whatever your niche, we are here to help you promote your work and build your audience.


Q. Do I need an Inspira account to join the Inspira Bloggers network?
A. An Inspira account is not required to join the network.

Q. Can I link my blog/website/social media platforms to my Inspira Bloggers Network profile?
A. Absolutely. Your blog, website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram URLs can all be linked to your profile.

Q. How do I join Inspira Bloggers Network?
A. You can join here https://inspiraonline.uk/join-the-inspira-bloggers-network/

Q. How soon after joining will it take for my profile to go live?
A. We endeavour to have profiles live within 72 hours.

Q. How do I submit posts to be considered for publishing?
A. Login to your account and fill in the details on the Submit a Blog form https://inspiraonline.uk/submit-a-post

Q. Do you pay pay for blog posts and articles?
A. We do not request or make payments for blog posts.

Q. Do you publish content such as vlogs, reviews and recipes?
A. Yes, we consider content in all forms and mediums.

Q. How long does it take for a submitted post to be published online?
A. We endeavour to publish posts within 7 days.

Q. I submitted a blog post 2 weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything.
A. Due to the high volumes of submissions we receive, messages following up on the status of a post may not be responded to. If your blog post has not been published within 2 weeks, it generally means it was not deemed suitable.

Q. Are there any particular issues or subject matters that you look for when considering what to publish?
A. To get an idea of what we are likely to publish, please take some time to look at the existing content on Inspira before sending us your work. However, as long as the post is original, well-written, copy-edited and doesn’t contain libellous, defamatory, abusive or similarly unlawful material, we will consider all submissions.

Q. As the author, do I retain the copyright ownership of my work?
A. Yes, subject to the rights granted to us in this agreement: https://inspiraonline.uk/editorial-submissions/

Q. Can I post previously published content on Inspira?
A. We do not accept or publish content previously published elsewhere on the web.

Q. Do you accept posts from bloggers outside of the UK?
A. We accept posts from bloggers all over the world.

Q. Can I use my posts for promotional purposes?
A. Posts should not be entirely self-promotional. Submissions that we consider to be overly self-promotional are not published.

Q. Are there other ways to engage with Inspira Readers?
A. Through Inspira Social, you can access our Groups, Forums and Events, all of which provide opportunities to engage with other Inspira members. https://inspiraonline.uk/inspirasocial

For additional information, please read our full Editorial Guidelines or email one of our editorial team editorial@kempstonemedia.com