Online shopping opens up a world of opportunities that provide us with endless style choices, brands and designers. The problem is that when there is so much to choose from it’s easy to become overwhelmed, and hard to make sensible decisions. The end result is a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t fit, don’t suit us or are impractical for our individual lifestyles.

With our online shopping tips, you can avoid returns or wasted money, and enjoy wearing great styles, selected and purchased from the comfort of your own home.

Know your Size

The most important element when it comes to online shopping is knowing your size. This doesn’t mean simply knowing that you’re a size 8 on top and a 10 on the bottom, unfortunately, sizes range across brands and stores, in some cases coming up small and in others larger. We are talking about knowing your measurements, and comparing them to online size guides to get the best fit possible.

Take your measurements wearing only your underwear – ensure your bra isn’t padded too. Take these measurements: the fullest part of your bust, under your bust, your waist and hips and your inside leg.

Most good online retailers will provide a size chart so that you can compare your measurements to work out the best size for you. Product descriptions also often provide the height of the model and the size of the garment she is wearing, so you can compare the fit to how it might fit on you.

Watch Videos

Unbeknown to most of us, stylists often pin garments for e-commerce photo shoots to create a better fit. Many online stores now also provide a video of the model moving in the clothing, so that you can see how everything hangs and moves with the body. It’s also trickier to hide pinning on video footage, so if there is an option to see the garment in action, make sure you take it to better aid your decision.

Edit, Edit, Edit

There’s no harm in spending an hour on your favourite online fashion store, on the sofa with a glass of wine in your hand. Take your time to decide what you really like, and what you really need. 99% of online stores allow you to add everything you like to your basket, then go back and review the items and edit down as you decide on the items that will work best for you.

Be aware that some stores will remove items from your basket after a certain time, whereas others such as ASOS actually reserve the stock in your basket for up to one hour.

Consider your Current Wardrobe

When online shopping is so readily available, the urge to buy on impulse can be difficult, which results in you having lots of clothes you’ll never even wear. When shopping online take a quick look at what you already own first. Consider your personal style, what you need and what you’d like to replace. Armed with an idea of what you want means you can shop savvy and avoid having rails of clothing you’ll never wear.

Check the Returns Policy

As careful as you can be, shopping online is never going to be like trying something on in person. From time to time you might order something that just doesn’t look like what you expected. Check the returns policy in advance, and make sure it’s not difficult to send something back if you’re not happy with it.

Happy shopping!