Netflix has announced that there will be a second series of the hit sci-fi drama the OA.

Co-created by and starring Brit Marling, the OA tells the story of Prairie Johnson, an adopted blind girl who reappears 7 years after her disappearance with her sight miraculously restored and referring to herself as the OA – the original angel.

In series 1, over 8 episodes, Prairie recounts the events surrounding her disappearance and what emerges is a tale of kidnap and human scientific experimentation, interwoven with mysticism and metaphysics. The end result is the stunning and strangely beautiful drama that has captured the imaginations of its viewers and left them wanting more.

Although series one ended as mysteriously as it began, with many unanswered questions, the trailer gives little away, including the release date, however, there have been rumours suggesting early 2018.

Speaking to Gold Derby’s Rob Licuria in May 2017, Brit Marling said of her character Prairie, ‘her story, the story she tells in part one, really is a road map and the most careful observers of that story will tell you where the narrative is going next.’

Series 1 of the OA is available on Netflix
Series 2 is expected in 2018