At some stage in our lives, we’ve all said or heard the phrase ‘we are the authors of our own destiny’. Whilst most of us will agree, be it, to varying degrees that the directions our lives take, are in some way self-determined, how much time and energy do we actually devote to creating and living lives that reflect our true desires?

We all start off with dreams and some of us may even make plans to achieve them, and then life happens and before we know it, our ambitions slowly disappear, stifled beneath the layers of chores, bills, familial and work commitments.

When we see people living their dream lives, it’s all too easy to put it down to luck. At some level, luck probably is a factor, however, dig deeper and what you’ll find is a particular mindset.

Despite your current circumstances or your background, a life that reflects your desires is within reach and here are some simple, yet highly effective steps that you can take today to transform your mindset and begin the journey to living the best version of your life.


What does your dream life look like to you? What are you doing? Where are you doing it? Are you in a different career? Are you living in a different country or city? Imagine it and imagine it with abandon! See your life, the way you want it to be. Spend some time every day visualising. Whether it’s for 10 or 30 minutes, spend as much or as little time as you need. The key is to be consistent.


The more you visualise, the more your dreams will become clearer. As they do, start writing them down. Don’t question whether they’re achievable or not, as long as you can visualise it, it’s possible. Mindsets that make what’s imagined real, focus on the how and not the can? Believe you can, and plan as if you can. Where are you now and where do you hope to be? How do you get there? Identify the big steps, then, break them down into small ones. Buy a new notebook, take it with you everywhere you go and believe and plan as if it’s possible. Make a list of things to do each day, each week and each month.

Mindsets that make what’s imagined real, focus on how? and not can?

Take action

So, you’ve imagined the life you want to live and you’ve outlined a plan for achieving it. The next step is to take action. Initially, this may be about taking tiny little steps. Don’t be put off, make your steps as small as you need to. You’ll have good days and there’ll be bad ones, but that is part of the journey. When the going inevitably gets tough, remind yourself what you are doing and why? Stay committed and after a while, what may have initially appeared as little more than a pipe dream, will start to come to fruition before your very eyes.

Don’t be afraid to fail

So many people live unfulfilled lives simply because they are afraid to fail. Embrace failure, it’s part of everything we do and we are. Failure embraced, helps us to grow and to progress. It is painful, but so is not trying. Pick yourself up, be kind to yourself, and keep going.

Failure embraced, helps us to grow and to progress

Lose the limiting beliefs

Like the fear of failure, limiting beliefs are the killers of so many dreams. I’m too old, too young, too poor, too stressed, the wrong colour, the wrong gender, on and on and on it goes. The sad truth is that so much of what we believe, both about ourselves, and our place in the world is learned, either from parents and people of authority or through cultural programming. If you feel the need, don’t be afraid to seek counselling or therapy to help you work through your fears and internal obstacles.

Living your best life is an on-going process. It’s about viewing and living your life as an adventure and a story that you are creating. Be brave, be bold and be your best!