One in five relationships now begin online and by 2031 this figure is expected to rise to one in two. Online dating works, it’s here to stay and offers a real opportunity to meet your man. That said, online dating isn’t a magic wand, making it work for you will require a little effort, beginning with the dreaded but all-important profile.

Your dating profile is your personal advertisement, your chance to give potential dates an insight into how fabulous you are and to also let them know what you are looking for and as such, it is worthy of some time, care and effort.

First things first

1. Make a list of your interests, passions, foods, favourite music, films, books, films etc. Do you play a sport? play an instrument? Write it all down, it’s going to come in handy later.
2. Describe yourself. Don’t over think this. Pick up a pen and just write what comes to mind. If you get stuck, ask your friends to make a list for you as well.
3. What are your views on the world? Are there any causes you are passionate about? Do you volunteer?

Honesty is the best policy

It is possible to write a profile that accentuates your best qualities without misrepresenting you. Although there are deceitful people operating on dating sites, most misrepresentations are a result of insecurity. Posting a profile picture that’s 10 years old, or that shows you two dress sizes smaller, or using one that has been heavily photo-shopped is a waste of everyone’s time. Nothing is worse than meeting a date who looks nothing like their profile picture. The wonderful thing about online dating is that because so many people do it now, the likelihood that there is someone out there looking for someone just like you is a given. Be your beautiful self. The same thing goes for lying about your age. It doesn’t matter if you’re 38 but look 28, the truth will out and no one appreciates a liar.

Nothing is worse than meeting a date who looks nothing like their profile picture

Profile headline

Most sites will require a profile title. Your heading should be short, catchy, positive and say something about you. This is a good time to mine the list you prepared earlier for ideas. Titles like ‘Footy loving foodie,’ or ‘brainy lass seeks smart connection’ are much more compelling than ‘looking for love,’ or ‘no time-wasters please’. Take your time choosing your headline, a good one will set the tone for your profile.

About you

The source of the angst that people feel when writing a dating profile is usually centered around the ‘about me’ section. It can be tricky writing about yourself, but there is an art to doing it and to doing it well. The key is to write as if you were talking to a friend. Approaching it this way as opposed to say a job prospect will make your profile flow more naturally and better reflect your personality. Be creative, incorporate quotes, poems/limericks, or even jokes.

Pictures that tell a story

Including pictures of yourself will encourage more visits to your profile. It doesn’t matter how lovely your personality is, we are visual creatures and potential dates will want to see what you look like. That said, it is important to use a selection of photos, that best reflect you and your life.

we are visual creatures and potential dates will want to see what you look like

Your main profile picture should be a head and shoulder shot showing your face clearly and ideally smiling – everybody loves a smile! In addition, include a full body picture, and a picture of you doing something you enjoy, maybe your last holiday or you taking part in an activity.

I know you think your cat is adorable, but their presence on your dating profile will do very little to help your cause.

Finally, unless your plan is to attract unsolicited dick pics, err on the side of caution when it comes to showing off your sexy side.

Top Tips

1. Be honest
2. Be positive
3. Exude friendliness
4. Show your face
5. Check for spelling mistakes